I have experienced the best cruising by riding on a pleasure boat in Kujuku Island

Islands of Kujuku Island

Kujuku Island of Sasebo City in Nagasaki prefecture, japan, boasting the largest island density in Japan. There is a natural scenery, and cruising which sees a spectacular view by elegant boat trip is becoming a popular tourist attraction. This time, I took a cruise ship in Kujuku Island on a trip in Nagasaki Prefecture.


Outline of Kujuku Island

Kujuku Island(Kujuku-Shima) is an island of the Rias style coast spreading in the Saikai National Park of Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture. The name contains "Kujuku" which means ninety nine in Japanese, but the actual number of islands is said to be 208. There are mostly uninhabited islands where people's hands are not joined, the green plants growing on the islands and the rough rocky grounds make up a wonderful landscape.

There are mainly two ways to enjoy the scenery of Kujuku Island. The first one is to look down the landscape of Kujuku Island from the observatory called "Tenkai-Ho". The second is to cruise between the islands on a pleasure boat. Unlike the view from the Tenkai-Ho, this has the merit of seeing the island from a close distance.

You can ride pleasure boat at complex called "Kujuku Island Pearl Sea Resort". Kujuku Island Pearl Sea Resort also has many restaurants dealing with local gourmet, aquarium called "Kirara", museum called "Kujuku Island Visitor Center" which explained Kujuku Island. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy Kujuku Island from various angles, such as learning, experiencing, eating, and so on.

Access to Kujuku Island
Route buses and shuttle buses run from JR Kyushu "Sasebo" station. If you go by bus, take the bus bound for "Pearl Sea Resort · Kujuku Island Aquarium" from Sasebo Station No. 6 and get off at the end point. The boarding time is about 25 minutes. To go by shuttle bus, take the shuttle bus from Sasebo Station No. 1 and get off at the terminal point, the boarding time is about 18 minutes. Both fares are 260 yen for adults and 130 yen for children. Route buses are more frequented, and shuttle buses opetate only once every hour. Because there is not much difference, please get on the bus which has the convenience of time. In addition, there is a parking lot when going by car.

Types of pleasure boats

Types of pleasure boats

There are two types of pleasure boats, "Pearl Queen" and "Pirate Pleasure Boat MIRAI". Both of these costs are 1400 yen for adults and 700 yen for children under the age of junior high school students. The course of cruising is the same, and there is a cafe inside the ship. As a difference, since the whole "MIRAI" is made like a pirate ship, I think this one will be delighted in the case of families with young children. If you are only going with adults, there is no difference for either, so it would be better to choose those who are closer in departure time or are vacant. In addition to the pleasure boat, you can experience yachting and sea kayaking.

Pleasure Boat called MIRAI

The above picture is the appearance of "MIRAI".

Pleasure Boat called Pearl Queen

This is "Pearl Queen".

Flow from purchasing tickets to boarding

I explain the flow to get on a pleasure boat after arriving at Kujuku Island Pearl Sea Resort by using a bus or a car.

Picking boat tickets and timetables

First of all, you will enter the indoor building called "Pleasure Boat Terminal". Then, there is a ticket booth near the entrance, so you choose which one you want to ride "Pearl Queen" or "Mirai", and choose the departure time for purchasing a boarding ticket of the pleasure boat. The pleasure boat operates from 10 am to around 15 pm. Departure time varies from day to day, so if you would like to know an accurate time schedule in advance, please refer to the website of Kujuku Island Pearl Sea Resort. Depending on the day, you need to be aware that only one of 'Pearl Queen' and 'Mirai' is operating.

Ticket gate of a pleasure boat

In the pleasure boat terminal, there is a ticket gate in the photo above. Go to the ticket gate by the departure time of the ticket you bought, then show the ticket according to the staff's instructions and go outside. The ticket gate opens ten minutes before departure time. you can choose favorite seats of pleasure boat in order of arrival, so those who stick to the seat go earlier than the opening time and line up.

An anchored boat ship

If you go out from the ticket gate, the pleasure boat is anchored nearby. Get on the boat and sit down at your favorite seat. My recommendation is a table seat of four people on the window. If all the table seats at the window side are not empty, there is a possibility that it becomes a chair without a table placed in the center of the ship.

Cruise of Kujuku Island

After entering the ship, you can move freely and enjoy it as you like. The cruising time is about 50 minutes. In that time, you can sit on the table in the ship and watch the scenery quietly, I think that it is fun to feel nature while sometimes going out to the outdoor deck and hitting the wind. There is a cafe selling drinks and sweets inside the ship so you can eat simple meals. In addition, since the pleasure boat is completely smoke-free you can not smoke. Regarding shaking, it is hardly felt and comfortable. I was worried that I could get seasick because I had little cruising experience, but it was no problem without having to drink a medicine for seasickness.

Explanation of a pleasure boat

Pleasure boat toilet

There is a toilet on the pleasure boat.

Pleasure boat deck

It is possible to see the outside scenery from inside the ship, but it is better for you to go to the deck if you take photos. However, please be careful that the deck is cold and quite windy so do not let the hat fly away.

Top deck

It is the top deck. Please go if you want to take photos from a high position.

The scenery of Kujuku Island

From here, I will post pictures of Kujuku Island that I actually shot. I cruised with no knowledge of Kujuku Island, but I enjoyed it without problems as there are the broadcasts that explain about the islands inside the ship or on the deck

Islands of Kujuku Island

Yoko Island

The above picture is "Yoko Island(Yoko-sima)" which seems the lion is lying down.


Islands of Kujuku Island

Waving pleasure boat course

Matsuura Island

It will be a deadline at the place called "Matsuura Island(Matsuura-jima)". You can experience the movement that the ship gets U - turn brilliantly.

Islands of Kujuku Island

Islands of Kujuku Island

Moro Island

Here is the "Moro Island(Moro-sima)" with rocks in the shape of a guardian lion-dog.

The light of the sun leaking from the clouds

The light of the sun rising from the clouds is divine.


Kujuku Island Pearl Sea Resort has an aquarium called "Umi-kirara". Here, the sea creatures that live in Kujuku Island are exhibited. There are also events such as dolphin show and fish feeding. It opens all year round. The opening hours are from 9 o'clock to 18 o'clock from March to October, and from 9 o'clock to 17 o'clock from November to February. The admission fee is 1440 yen for adults and 720 yen for children under the age of junior high school students.



Finally, I will introduce some of the meals available nearby.

ALOHA kitchen Honu Honu

Next to the ticket gate of the pleasure boat is "ALOHA kitchen Honu Honu". It is a restaurant that deals with Hawaiian food such as locomoco, hamburgers, pancakes. Please use it for your free time until departure time of the pleasure boat.

Kujuku Islands Pearl Sea Resort Restaurants

If you go outside from the Pleasure Boat Terminal, you will find a variety of japanese restaurants which serve delicious local foods such as Sasebo burger and seafood and so on.

Kujuku Islands Pearl Sea Resort Restaurants

In Closing

This time, I experienced the cruising of Kujuku Island in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture. I was touched by all the fantastic islands and beautiful sky and sea that I can see from the ship. At first, I thought that I could enjoy viewing from the observatory rather than cruising, but it was a lot of fun than I imagined. Broadcast commentary is always on board inside the ship, so it's no problem without prior knowledge. There are also many meals and a quarium in the surrounding area, so please do go on a sightseeing tour in Nagasaki Prefecture.